Vietnamese Pho Restaurant

Pho Black Bull started with a dream: To bring the unique spices and fresh, local flavours of Vietnamese cuisine to Canada. The owner, who founded Pho Black Bull, have generations of experience preparing and serving traditional Vietnamese food. Before coming to Mississauga, our family owned restaurants in Toronto and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, where they perfected the numerous regional cooking techniques that make Vietnamese cuisine so unique and diverse. Over time, Pho Black Bull has expanded to include a team of skilled, passionate chefs and servers experienced in the art of Vietnamese cooking.

Today, Pho Black Bull is the only restaurant in Ontario to offer a truly authentic Pho dining experience. Our Pho soup broth is simmered for 10 hours, allowing its rich flavours to fully develop. Then, we serve it in a hot stone bowl to ensure it stays warm and delicious, no matter how slowly our customers savour their meal. And, our Pho is enhanced with a subtle note of five-year-old ginseng, a herb long cherished in Asia for both its striking taste and its many health benefits. By combining fresh, whole-food ingredients with medicinal ginseng, we ensure our beef noodle soup is nourishing and refreshing for the mind, body, and spirit.

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It’s our mission to provide Mississauga residents with a place where they can leave the hurried pace of city life behind while they savour a warm, nutritious meal. We’ve put great care into how we’ve decorated our establishment: Using an “East meets West” approach, we’ve created a bright, modern look accented with traditional touches reminiscent of the Vietnamese countryside. White marble tables contrast with black leather chairs, set against a backdrop of elegant light fixtures and tasteful artwork with natural themes. We also pay close attention to how we plate our dishes, carefully arranging the different elements of each meal to create an aesthetically pleasing medley of colours and textures.

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